Peter Laughton to buy back control from Parkview Nurseries

Peter Laughton has just agreed to buy back controlling shares of the company from Colin Roberts of Parkview Nurseries. Colin has decided to focus his efforts on his successful Gardening Clubs, and was not able to meet the original funding […]

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Parkview Nurseries to acquire

We are excited to announce that Parkview Nurseries will invest a further £150k to develop the site further. Parkview Nurseries has two major retail shops under the brand The Gardening Club. A division imports Mediterranean plants and supplies bedding and […]

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What is gamification? Gamification is the process of applying principles honed in the video games business to make processes, sales and marketing more attractive to consumers, employees and suppliers. Over the last twenty years the video games business become expert […]

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Search trends

Whilst the awful weather in the UK in 2012 resulted in year-on-year decline in overall plants sold (garden centres report an 8% yoy decline), the long term google trend on the search term buy plants is still positive. This would […]

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Henry Street Roses

The premier rose grower in South-East England, Henry Street Roses, lists its large catalogue of over 300 roses on Vorsprung Ltd’s site. Henry Street is a family run business, which includes a popular garden centre near Reading. The field […]

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Wholesalers use plantify

W Godfrey, one of the top herbaceous grower in the South East, and North Hill Nurseries, a premium landscape nursery have been appointed suppliers on Vorsprung Ltd’s e-commerce site. W Godfrey has a range of over 600 herbaceous plants […]

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Hippopottering Nurseries

Hippopottering Nurseries, a specialist grower of Acer’s is appointed a merchant on Vorsprung Ltd’s new horticultural e-commerce site, Hippopottering, an RHS Gold Medal Award winning nursery is based near Doncaster and specialises in growing hardy Acer’s. They aim to […]

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Garden design tool

Our unique garden design tool has been launched as a key customer attractor for our horticultural e-tailer, The garden design tool is a a free online application that enables you to layout and create the garden of your dreams. […]

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Vorsprung Ltd aims to become Europe’s leading e-tailer in multiple under-serviced £1bn consumer categories by creating a world class e-commerce platform that reduces the cost of customer acquisition via ‘honeypot’ apps.

Our strong e-commerce platform seamlessly integrates merchant sales and own sales with a unique quality based ranking system. Our back end significantly reduces the time taken to list product – over 500 products were recently listed in just under 10 minutes.

Our unique gamification techniques ensures compelling content which assists search engine optmisation and facilitate the user shopping experience.